Premium E-Liquids

E cig liquid is our passion. iBreathe has been at the forefront of the electronic cigarette industry and we’re known for our massive selection of unique premium e liquid in the UK. Unlike so many others out there, we have a strict quality control system in place and all our flavours are 100% USP kosher, no matter whether you choose the PG or VG option. What’s more, we use nicotine that is 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade. It’s no wonder thousands say we’re the shop to visit if you want the best e liquid.

E Liquid UK

You can rely on iBreathe to deliver quality every time. Why? It’s simple. We’re committed to our customers and only sell vaping juice that is CPT (Child Proof Safety), CE, MSDS, CHIP, RoHS and now on the way to be TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) certified. Before we sell liquids, they undergo a vigorous testing process and are inspected by reputable laboratories.

Not only is an e cigarette liberating, but an alternative to smoking which will satisfy you in all the right ways. Without the thousands of chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes and no tar or ash to worry about, you can enjoy the fantastic flavours and water vapour system of an iBreathe e cig.  Furthermore, you can embrace the possibility to buy e liquid in a range of flavours to suit you, nicotine and non-nicotine options.

With that in mind, and with every UK e liquid from cocktail and menthol to tobacco and fruit flavours in various strengths, if you need quality to buy premium e liquids iBreathe is the place to be.