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iBreathe™ About iBreathe

iBreathe is the leading provider of Electronic Cigarette and e-liquids in the UK, offering a premium vaping service at highly competitive prices.

A family-run company, we pride ourselves on creating products that are high in taste and quality, and offer a wide range suitable for heavy smokers struggling to overcome nicotine addiction through to those in the process of exchanging poisonous nicotine cigarettes for the electronic variety,  and even to those who simply enjoy the pleasures of vaping for its own sake. iBreathe was created when our founder spotted a gap in the market for a quality provider who valued their customers,  and who genuinely wanted to help them make the transition to a healthier and cheaper form of smoking.

We distinguish ourselves by having our own in-house research and development team, which is constantly working to stay ahead of both the competition and the newest vaping trends, and pushing for improvements, even on products that have excellent feedback. The company, which is also one of the first e-cig companies to be regulated and approved by trade association ECITA, it, assuring it is always at the forefront of legislation and legal changes, has grown organically, with all profits ploughed back in to continue building and developing the core products as we continue our quest to be the stand-out brand in the UK market.

Sales continue to boom, which is largely down to the importance iBreathe places on the customer experience, with our research team continuously tweaking and testing the product range, design and technology on the back of extensive user feedback. The iBreathe patented formula is such a hit with vapers that it is now the third most popular in the UK market, behind only two of the biggest players in the market, and catching up all the time. We focus on quality and taste, ensuring that our products are always as good as they can be, using the best components and science to help us create the perfect blend.

iBreathe products can be found in over 3,000 outlets across the UK, as well as online, and our brand and reputation for quality means we are making waves overseas as well. Net sales are set to pass £6 million for the first time this year, and the company's growth shows no signs of slowing. iBreathe has both the products and talent on board to become the no 1 quality electronic cigarette provider, and with your continued support on board we will make this happen.


iBreathe provides a simple and effective solution for people who are addicted to smoking and are aware of the damaging health consequences of their habit.

The iBreathe eCigarette system allows people to enjoy the sensation of smoking without having to suffer all of the harmful side effects, making it a clean and satisfying alternative to smoking.

Why iBreathe?

Smoking cigarettes can lead to a number of serious health problems, especially for those people who are regular smokers. However, despite being fully aware of this, many people are simply unable to quit smoking because they are addicted to their habit.

Nicotine replacement products can assist people who are trying to quit smoking, but they are not suitable for everyone. Even those people who do manage to quit often end up taking up the habit again.

The iBreathe eCigarette allows people to avoid the harmful and damaging effects of smoking without suffering the withdrawal effects of quitting.

A Clean, Enjoyable Alternative

iBreathe provides a safe and enjoyable smoking experience. People using the iBreathe product will be able to reduce their intake of nicotine with iBreathe Premium eLiquid Range and even stop smoking altogether.

In a study of iBreathe, it was given to a group of heavy smokers to try out. Within six months, 22% had stopped smoking completely, and 55% had reduced their smoking by at least a half.

How iBreathe Works

The beauty of iBreathe is its simplicity. Users can simply inhale upon the device and the liquid nicotine is then drawn into the atomiser chamber and turned to vapour. This vapour is then breathed in and delivers the nicotine to the body in the same way as a cigarette.

Users of the iBreathe eCigarette can enjoy the same nicotine, but without the tar, smoke and chemicals of a standard cigarette.

Benefits of the iBreathe eCigarette

There are numerous benefits of using the iBreathe eCigarette instead of standard cigarettes. These include:

* No Tabacco Smoke just Vapour

* No unpleasant smells on clothes or breath

* No Tar, No Carbon Monoxide, No Flame

* No Ash , No Smell No Cigarette Butts

* Nicotine is delivered to the body effectively

* No health problems associated with smoking

* No restrictions on smoking in public places because there is no Tabacco

* eCigarettes provide an authentic smoking sensation

Additionally, iBreathe can be a more cost-effective solution to smoking. An Individual who typically smokes 20 cigarettes a day can save up to £2,200 a year on their smoking habit.

iBreathe Products

There are numerous iBreathe products to choose from, providing a solution for all types of smokers.

The iBreathe Premium eLiquid comes in 5 Strenghts of Nicotine Zero 0.0%, Ultra Low 0.6%, Low 1.1%, Med 1.8%, High 2.4%. iBreathe have a extensive number of flavours, including tobacco alternatives. These include apple, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, Bens G&H, bubblegum, orange, cherry and more.

Customers can also purchase the iBreathe Combi Kit, which provides them with a complete way to begin their experience of iBreathe. There are also different strengths of eLiquid available to suit everyone’s requirements.

Purchase Your iBreathe Combi Kit and eLiquid Today

If you want to try iBreathe products for yourself, you can purchase everything you need right from this website. If you have been trying to quit smoking for a while without success, iBreathe provides you with the solution you have been looking for. Try it yourself and start leading a smoke-free life today.

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WARNING: iBreathe.co.uk makes no claims that the electronic cigarette will cure a smokers addiction to nicotine; the electronic cigarettes it sells serves the same purpose as a tobacco cigarette- it delivers its user nicotine. If you do suffer from the disease of Tobacco/Nicotine Dependence Syndrome and want to take steps to give up smoking or cut down the quantity of cigarettes you currently smoke. We recommend you visit your health care provider to discuss NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) or a nicotine harm reduction programme. 

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